Dog Helge
  • Dog Helge brown

Dog Helge

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Our soft and huggable OEKO-TEX dog, Helge, accomplishes his upgrade from a farm animal to a sustainable cuddly hero for children and adults effortlessly and makes a sustainable promotional impact in the kids' playrooms and bedrooms. There are manifold options for applying logos or advertising messages, in addition to a sew-on doming or promotional label, imprinted fashion items and accessories are also available for the cuddly toys, such as T-shirts, neckerchiefs and scarves. Tested for harmful substances (OEKO-TEX, A08-0261 Hohenstein HTTI,



Merk MBW
Gewicht 94 Gram
Maat one size
Materiaal material: polyester filling: polyester fibers
Kleur brown
Afmeting length: 19 cm width: 18 cm height: 20 cm
Artikelnummer 261145

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