Dog for microwave pillow
  • Dog for microwave pillow light brown

Dog for microwave pillow

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These plush toys are the right thing to put on the grain pillow: the cute look is enchanted by the plush and the temperature is slightly dampened, but it is preserved for a longer time. The grain pillow as a natural remedy helps super with tensions, muscle pain, compression and bruises and is also suitable as a hot water bottle replacement. | Grain pads have very good temperature storage properties and can therefore be used as heating as well as cooling bag replacement. | Attention: Prices for plush toys without heat cushion. Only warm plugs without plush cover. Heating in the microwave 1 minute at max. 600 watts. Warm up the heated pillow and check the heat. Heating in the oven max. 10 minutes at 80 ° C. If the grain pad becomes too hot, allow it to cool before use.



Merk MBW
Gewicht 70 Gram
Maat one size
Materiaal material: polyester filling: polyester fibers
Kleur brown
Afmeting length: 7,50 cm width: 20 cm height: 27 cm
Artikelnummer 263980

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