Bear Ben
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Bear Ben

Vanaf € 2,79
    • brown
    • grey
    • light brown
    • white/brown
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You can not decide? Santa Claus or soccer star, rocker or cuddly bear? Do not worry, Ben and his friends can do more. The fluffy friends are wonderfully versatile and have the right outfit for every appearance. A strong idea for all people who want to have something new. But Ben is not only sure about the style of his outfit - because his pop as well as his feet are weighed, he makes a great figure in any position - whether sitting or stretched out.



Merk MBW
Gewicht 62 Gram
Maat one size
Materiaal material: polyester filling: polyester fibers inside: PET pellets in tissue bags
Kleur brown
Afmeting length: 7 cm width: 15 cm height: 21 cm sedentary: 0 cm
Artikelnummer 490049

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